A typical schedule for the Foothills Trail Club includes day hikes all over the Western New York area, usually 5 to 10+ miles long; trail work parties; mini-hikes in area parks on summer evenings; weekday morning "saunters" at a slower pace; nature walks; snowshoe hikes in winter and perhaps a trip to a more distant area. We hike every weekend of the year. Guests and new members are always welcome. Hikes on our schedule are rated by pace and terrain. If you have questions about the difficulty of a hike, the equipment needed or the meeting place, contact the hike coordinator.


1 — Leisurely pace or nature walk
2 — Moderate pace
3 — Brisk, steady pace
4 — Fast pace

A — Flat or very gently rolling terrain
B — Moderately hilly terrain
C — Steep hills, scrambles possible


Map numbers on hiking schedule refer to Finger Lakes Trail conference maps. To purchase maps, you may visit the Finger Lakes Web site or call 585-658-9320.


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