The Conservation Trail is located mostly on private land and its continued existence depends on the permission of the landowners whose property it crosses. Therefore, all hikers should adhere to the following guidelines:

The trail is a footpath only. Motorized vehicles are not permitted except where owners have given specific permission for vehicle use.

No tested drinking water is available along the trail. It is best to carry your own water, since much of the trail passes through farmlands and lies near developed areas. Never drink any water from streams or springs without treating it first.

Most of the trail is appropriate for day hiking only. There are no designated campsites on private land and camping is not permitted there.

Hikers should stay on the trail at all times. Respect the property of the landowners, do not shortcut through cultivated fields, no dogs on hikes, do not damage fences and leave gates as you find them.

From time to time portions of the trail may be re-routed. If the blazed route differs from the trail shown on the map, follow the blazes or temporary orange ribbons.



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