The Constitution of the Foothills Trail Club states three objectives:

1. To build and maintain trails.

Trail work is a major focus of our activities. Several weekends each year are devoted to work parties. They are seldom strenuous, the distances are short and there is a job for every degree of ability: clearing brush with pruning shears, hand clippers and saws; removing the cut brush from the trail; marking the route with paint blazes and improving the footpath in muddy areas and ravines. With 177 miles of trail to maintain, the Club urges its members to give a high priority to work parties. New members and guests are welcome - don't worry if you don't know what to do. Someone will be glad to show you. Your help will make a difference.







2. To aid in the conservation of wild lands and wildlife.

We try to promote conservation by education and example, by following good conservation practices ourselves, by increasing appreciation of nature through nature walks and enjoyment of the outdoors. We have an active conservation committee which keeps members informed of conservation concerns.







3. To promote good fellowship through the mediums of hiking and nature study.

This one is easy - there's no better icebreaker than a hike! Our members are a diverse group. Everyone is welcome and no one is a stranger for long. We have two general meetings each year and get-togethers after some of the hikes. But mainly we socialize during our outdoor activities.






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