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Sunday 11/1/2009

Finger Lakes Trail
2B, 10.9 miles
Whiskey Bridge (south of Letchworth State Park) to Access 4 (Fox Hill Road)

Please call 716-316-4388 to reserve a spot.

Saturday 11/7/2009

Tifft Nature Preserve
Time: 10:00am
1A, 3-4 miles

Meet inside building.

Please call 652-7975 for more information.

Sunday 11/8/2009

Conservation Trail - Reynolds Road to Warner Road
Time: 10:00am
2A, 7 miles
Map CT8

Meet at Reynolds Road.

Please call 828-0282 for more information.

Saturday 11/14/2009

Stiglmeier Park
Time: 1:00pm
2A, 4 miles

Meet in first parking lot on the left off Losson Road.

Please call 828-0282 for more information.

Sunday 11/15/2009

Conservation Trail - Akron Falls to Reynolds Road
Time: 9:00am
2A, 12 miles
Map CT 8/9

Meet at Cummings Lodge in Akron Falls State Park.

Please call 828-0282 for more information.

Saturday 11/21/2009

Tifft Nature Preserve

Please call 852-3090 by 11/19 if you are interested. The coordinator will not return phone calls after the 19th.

Ellicott Creek Park
Time: 10:00am
2A, approx. 4 miles

Meet in the large parking lot off Niagara Falls Blvd. across from Paul's Jewelers.

Please call 836-4270 for more information.

Sunday 11/22/2009

Conservation Trail - South Grand Island Bridge to Niagara Falls Blvd.
Time: 9:00am
2A, 6.7 miles
Map CT 11

Meet at Ellicott Creek County Park on Niagara Falls Blvd.

Please call 828-0282 for more information.

The Olmsted Parks - Cazenovia & South Park
Time: 1:30pm
2A, 6 miles

Meet at St. John Evangelist Church parking lot on Seneca Street and Warren Spahn Way (formerly Cazenovia Parkway). We will walk through an urban park (Caz), fo
... [more details]

Friday 11/27/2009

7th Annual 'After Thanksgiving' Chestnut Ridge Hike
Time: 11:00am
2B, 5 miles

Meet at casino. We will hike unmarked trails, up and down ravines, past some very lovely, usually unseen, sections of the park. Great way to work off your tur
... [more details]

Saturday 11/28/2009

Chestnut Ridge Park
Time: 11:00am
2B, 4-5 miles

Meet at casino. Road walk unless there is snow and then snowshoe through trails.

Please call 627-3878 for more information.

Sunday 11/29/2009

Conservation Trail - Goodrich Road to Niagara Falls Blvd.
Time: 10:30am
3A, 10 miles
Map CT 10/11

Meet at Ellicott Creek Park, Niagara Falls Blvd.

Please call 905-357-2597 for more information.

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