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August 2009, Sunday
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Allegany State Park - North Country from Coon Run Road to PA HWY #346
Time: 11:00am
2B, 8.5 miles

The goldenrod along one section of this trail should be in bloom and smell nice.

Meet at Allegany State Park, site #57, the parking lot by the Quaker Lake Spillway (ASP Rte. 3, outside the Quaker entrance gate).

Directions: take I-86, exit #17 (Quaker, NY Rte. #280), and proceed on Route 280 to the Spillway parking lot. Carpool: from Park & Ride at US Rte. 219 and NY Rte. 20A at 9am. We need at least two vehicles to hike the entire stretch.

Please call 434-4984 before Thursday, August 27th, or 716-417-2100 Thurs. - Sat., August 27th - 29th.

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