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August 2012, Saturday
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Conservation Trail End-to-End Shorter Hike #4A
3.3 miles, 2C
West Branch Bucktooth Run Road (M2/CT2, Access 4) to Sawmill Run Road (M2/CT2, Access 3)

Meet at 8:30am at the 20A Park & Ride off Route 219. If you drive yourself, meet at 10am at 8831 Sawmill Run Road, Salamanca, NY. We will spot cars at W. Branch Bucktooth Run Road and hike back.

Directions to 8831 Sawmill Run Road from Buffalo: Route 219S to Ellicottville, NY. Just before you approach downtown Ellicottville, veer right onto Elizabeth Street and take it to the end (you will avoid downtown traffic). Turn right onto Route 242W. Follow Route 242W to County Road 88 (Baker Road). This is a very easy road to miss as it will be directly ahead as Route 242W bends right, but it is a shortcut to avoid going towards Little Valley, NY. Turn left onto Route 353S. Turn right onto Washington Street which will be just before the bridge that goes over the Allegheny River. Washington Street becomes Sawmill Run Road just after you leave the city limits of Salamanca, NY. Sawmill Run Road crosses the same set of active railroad tracks twice. Just after Sawmill Run Road makes a sharp right hand turn and crosses the railroad tracks for the second time, look for 8831 Sawmill Run Road on your left about 1.7 miles down the road.

Please call 866-1233 for more information.

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