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July 2014, Sunday
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Eastside Overland Trail, Cassadaga, NY
Time: 8:30am
4.5 miles, 2B

Meet at the Park & Ride on Route 20A off of Route 219. The drive to 8300 Park Road, Cassadaga, NY, takes one hour and is the starting point of the hike. No car spotting! This hike in the woods passes a pond, a lean-to, a fresh water pump and has a steep incline. Please call if you plan to drive directly to Cassadaga, NY.

Please call 866-1233 for more information.

Explore Buffalo!
Time: 1:30pm
3-4 miles, 1A

Meet at Spot Coffee, corner of Delaware Avneue and Chippewa Street. We will walk through some of Buffalo's most beautiful and historical neighborhoods.

Please call 882-3488 for more information.

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