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May 2008, Saturday
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Royal Ontario Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2B, 8-10 miles

Exact mileage will depend on time availability and whether any of the ROBG's trails are closed. Hike will also include a short section of a branch of the Bruce Trail. This hike will pass through the ROBG's lilac bushes during the peak of lilac season. We will stop to view and smell the many, many varieties of lilacs. There are descriptive markers and viewing areas along the trails. So, even though the hike is rated a "2", we will make a number of stops to view other points of interest, e.g., replica of Stonehenge. The terrain is generally not rugged, but we will both ascend and descend quite a few steps at the escarpment. This hike is in Canada. So you will need appropriate identification (e.g., driver's license AND birth certificate). We will car pool to the Gardens.

Please call 434-4984 to register for this hike no later than 5pm on Friday, May 23rd.

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