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Sunday 4/1/2012

Emery Park
Time: 10:00am
4 miles, 2B

Meet at the top of the ski slope on the north side of the park.

Please call 604-4095 for more information.

Tuesday 4/3/2012

Chestnut Ridge Park Saunter
Time: 10:00am
2-3 miles, 1A

Meet in the parking lot in front of the casino.

Please call 651-9877 for more information.

Saturday 4/7/2012

Conservation Trail - Get ready for the upcoming CT E2E Series!
Time: 10:00am
6.6 miles, 2B
Canada Hill Road to Gooseneck Road

Meet at Gooseneck Road (Access 5, CT4).

Please call 826-1939 for more information.

Sunday 4/8/2012

Easter - No Hike

Tuesday 4/10/2012

Como Park Saunter
Time: 10:00am
3-4 miles, 1A

Meet at the first shelter upon entrance from Bowen Road.

Please call 716-681-7192 for more information.

Saturday 4/14/2012

Time: 10:00am
7 miles, 2A

Meet in the parking lot on Salt Road, just north of Route 5, Clarence. Hike west along the railroad line and then back to the parking lot. Flat and paved!

... [more details]

Sunday 4/15/2012

Hunters Creek Park - Get ready for the upcoming CT E2E series!
Time: 10:30am
5+ miles, 2B

Meet at Hunters Creek Road parking lot. Take Route 400 to 20A, turn left (east), take a right turn on Route 78, right turn on Hunters Creek Road. The parking
... [more details]

Tuesday 4/17/2012

Lancaster Heritage Trail Saunter
Time: 10:00am
3-4 miles, 2A

Meet at the end of Walter Winter Drive parking lot. Take Central Avenue to Erie Street (by Avox Inc.) to Walter Winter Drive.

Please call 716-681-7192 for
... [more details]

Saturday 4/21/2012

Holland Ravines - Get ready for the upcoming CT E2E series!
Time: 10:00am
8.1 miles, 2B
Map CT6 - Access 7 (Carpenter Road) to Access 4 (Savage Road)

Meet at the Holland Willows on Savage Road.

Please call 1-585-768-7456 or 675-3989.

Sunday 4/22/2012

Amherst Canalway Trail
Time: 9:30am
4-6 miles, 1A

Meet in the rear parking lot of the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village and Museum at Amherst (formerly the Amherst Museum).

Please call 832-1921 for more inf
... [more details]

Tuesday 4/24/2012

Akron Falls State Park Saunter
Time: 10:00am
3 miles, 1B

Meet at Cummings Lodge.

Please call 439-0062 for more information.

Saturday 4/28/2012

Bruce Trail, Canada - Hike #1
10 miles, 2A

Hike along the Niagara Escarpment on the Niagara section of the Bruce Trail. We will do one hike a month over the course of 5 months. We will begin in Queens
... [more details]

Sunday 4/29/2012

Hunters Creek Park
Time: 10:30am
4-5 miles, 2B

Meet in the Centerline parking lot. We will hike from the parking lot north on the Conservation Trail about an hour and then turn around and hike back. We'l
... [more details]

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