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April 2013, Saturday
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Conservation Trail
35 miles, 4A, Fort Erie to Fort George

This is the final training hike scheduled for a one-day hike of 63 miles in late April. The pace will be at least 3 miles per hour, but probably closer to 4 miles per hour.

If you are interested in joining for all or part of the hike, please call 826-1939 for more information.

Trail Stewarts Meeting at Holland Community Center
Time: 10:00am
We have a lot of material to cover and I would really need your input.

.....How do we work as a cohesive unit to improve and maintain the trail now and in the future ?

.....How do we attract a steady "supply" of new trail stewards ?

.....Landowner Relations ; What is it ? Who does It ? Why does it matter ?

.....Trail Maintenance; What should the trail look like ? How often should you be there ? What is expected of you ?

.....Trail signage,discs,blazing,maintenance,communication

.....Eight major projects for 2013

.....Major projects for 2014

.....Scheduling work parties

These are just some of the topics to kick around. Please plan on attending.The more voices that are heard, the more we get done.

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