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April 2013, Saturday
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Conservation Trail
30.4 miles, 4A, All of Maps CT11 & CT12

This is the third of four training hikes scheduled for a one-day hike of 63 miles in late April. The pace will be at least 3 miles per hour, but probably closer to 4 miles per hour.

If you are interested in joining for all or part of the hike, please call 826-1939 for more information.

Conservation Trail - Rainbow Bridge to Overlook on Grand Island
Time: 9:30am
7 miles, 2A, Map CT12

Meet in the parking lot by the Niagara County Water Department Building on Grand Island, West River Parkway at Long Road.

Please call 735-7302 for more information.

Eighteen Mile Creek
Time: 10:30am
5 miles, 2B

Meet at Tops in Hamburg, at 6150 South Park Avenue (past the Erie County Fair), in the northwest corner of the lot. It is near the police station. We will drive to the parking lot on South Creek Road.

Please call 254-4285 or RRTocha@yahoo.com.

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