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March 2013, Sunday
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Conservation Trail
15 miles, 4B, All of Map CT8

This is the first of four training hikes scheduled for a one-day hike of 63 miles in late April. The pace will be at least 3 miles per hour, but probably closer to 4 miles per hour.

If you are interested in joining for all or part of the hike, please call 826-1939 for more information.

Village of Hamburg
Time: 2:00pm
6 miles, 2A

Meet in the parking lot of the Union Pleasant Elementary School. The lot is next to the school; enter from Union Street. We will walk on Pleasant, Old Lakeview, South Creek and back on Pierce. About 3/4 of the route is on less traveled roads, the remainder on sidewalks. If anyone wants to go for an early dinner, the Water Valley Inn is open 12-8pm on Sunday's.

Please call 512-0124 for more information.

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