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Saturday 2/2/2008

Tifft Farm Nature Preserve - Hike or Snowshe
Time: 10:00am

Meet in main parking lot. Snowshoe rental available.

Please call 823-8156 for more information.

Sunday 2/3/2008

South Park Lake & Botanical Gardens
Time: 9:30am

We'll hike around beautiful South Park Lake twice, but if it is a really great day weather-wise we may go from South Park Lake to Cazenovia Park and back - call 713-9371
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Saturday 2/9/2008

Zoar Valley North Rim Hike or Snowshoe
2C, 5 miles

This is the best time of year to hike the rim of Zoar Valley without leaves blocking the view! Frozen waterfalls and icicles, snow sparkling in the sunshine (o
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Sunday 2/10/2008

Conservation Trail
Time: 9:00am
2B, 6.2 miles
Route 20A (Camp Aloha CT-7, Access 4) to Folsomdale/Simm Road (CT-7, Access 7)

Meet at Camp Aloha on Route 20A.

Please call 316-4388 for more information
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Saturday 2/16/2008

Como Park
Time: 11:00am

Meet at the first shelter in the parking lot off Bowen Road, Lancaster.

Please call 828-0282 for more information.

Sunday 2/17/2008

Letchworth Circle Route - Snowshoe/Hike
Time: 10:00am
2B, 3 hour hike

Meet at the railroad bridge parking lot using the Portageville entrance of the park. Alternately, we'll rendezvous at the Millenium Inn (old Sheraton Inn)
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Saturday 2/23/2008

Chestnut Ridge Park - Snowshoe the Seufert Road Loop
Time: 11:00am

We'll go up and down many ravines for a four mile loop hike. If the creek is frozen, we'll finish by going up the creek to see the Eternal Flame covered in ice.

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Sunday 2/24/2008

Conservation Trail
Time: 9:00am
2B, 6.5 miles
Folsomdale/Simm Road (CT-7, Access 7) to Warner Road (CT-8, Access 2)

Meet at Folsomdale/Simm intersection.

Please call 316-4388 for more information of i
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