Conservation Trail No Hunting


Conservation Trail Hunting Closure Dates - March, 2017.
H-1 October 1 - December 22 H-2 May 1 - May 31
H-1 & H-2 Sawmill Run Rd to West Branch Bucktooth Rd
H-1 & H-2 W. Branch Bucktooth Rd to E. Branch Bucktooth Rd

H-1 & H-2 242 to Ellicottville Maples
Maples Ellicottville to Poverty Hill
H-1 Poverty Hill to 219
H-1 & H-2 219 to Cotter
H-1 & H-2 Cotter to Irish Hill
H-1 Irish Hill to Brennan
H-1 Brennan to 240

H-1 & H-2 240 ( FLT Jct) to Kruse Hill Road
H-1 & H-2 Blue Spur (Mahler Bench & Sign & Passport post)
H-1 & H-2 Canada Hill Rd @ RR. to Roszyk Hill Rd.
H-1 & H-2 Roszyk Hill Rd. to Felton Rd.
H-1 & H-2 Felton Rd. to Riceville Rd. (Gooseneck) Also Woodchuck hunting July 4th to Labor day!

CT- 5
H-1 & H-2 Foltz Rd. To Folts Rd. (small area most likely will not need sign????)
H-1 & H-2 Genesee Rd. End of Erie County Forest to Allen

CT- 6
H-1 & H-2 Allen to Matteson Corn.
H-1 & H-2 Matteson Corn to Warner Gulf Rd.
H-1 & H-2 Warner Gulf to Savage
H-1 & H-2 Savage to Rt. 16
H-1 Rt. 16 to Vermont St.
H-1 & H-2 Vermont St. to Humphries
H-1 & H-2 Humphries to Carpenter

H-1 & H-2 Route 78 to 20A
H-1 & H-2 20A to Bear Rd.
H-1 & H-2 Folsomdale to Rt. 354 (Clinton St.)
H-1 & H-2 Rt. 354 (Clinton St.) to Getman

H-1 & H-2 Getman to Warner (Warner to Mammot on road to trail entrance on Mammot)
H-1 & H-2 Mammot to Broadway (Rt. 20)
Broadway (Rt. 20) to Sumner- Darien Lake State Park (nothing here)
Sumner to Reynolds (road walk)
H-1 & H-2 Reynolds to Etzold
Etzold to Genesee (Rt.33) (road walk)
H-1 & H-2 Genesee Rd. (Rt. 33) to Cohecton Rd.


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