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Hiker's Corner:

INSURANCE NOTE: Attention members: Foothills Trail Club carries liability insurance to financially protect all of us in case a participant in a Foothills activity is injured. As a condition of our insurance coverage, every participant in an activity needs to sign the liability waiver before the activity begins. So please make sure you sign the form!

HIKE LEADERS AND HIKERS: Before you commit to lead a club hike or plan a personal hike, check the trail conditions to ensure that the trail is open. This information can be found on the FLT website: www.fingerlakestrail.org. Click on "TRAIL CONDITIONS" and select the map # for your intended hike. Map numbers that appear in ORANGE have trails closures for hunting. Trail conditions are outlined for all the other maps #'s.

HIKER RESPONSIBILITY: We remind you that you, and only you, are responsible for your own actions. Come to our events prepared. Do not participate if the event may present a hazard for which you or your party members are not prepared. If weather is questionable or if you have questions, please call the named hike coordinator; the hike may be canceled. When participating, please respect the coordinator and do not break away from the group without telling them. We suggest you always keep your eye on someone in front of you, and behind you if you are in the lead. Please remember that hike leaders are not guides; they are volunteers, willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. Please give them your cooperation and respect. The leader has the right to refuse anyone who is not prepared for the outing. In addition, if the hike leader does arrange carpooling, passengers are expected to contribute toward the cost of transportation. Finally, since there are RISKS INVOLVED in hiking everyone participating does so at his or her own risk.

REMEMBER TO RESPECT LANDOWNER RIGHTS: Stay on the trail, don't take shortcuts, don't walk on crops, don't build fires or camp on private land and NEVER, EVER enter landowner buildings.

There are hikes scheduled for many days.  Be sure to thank those members who have volunteered to lead these activities.

Sunday, Feb 19 1:30pm 3 mi 2B
Cazenovia Park - Hike, Cross Country Ski or Snowshoe
MEET: at St. John Evangelist Church parking lot at Seneca Street and Warren Spahn Way. Call 675-3989

Tuesday, Feb 21 10am 3-4 mi 1A
Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve
MEET: in the parking lot on Honorine Drive, off of Como Park Boulevard.
Call 866-4335

Wednesday, Feb 22 10am 2 to 3 mi 2A
Darien Lake State Park - Cross Country Ski or Snowshoe
MEET: in the parking lot located on Route 20 (Broadway) between Harlow and Route 77. We will cross country ski if there is enough snow. Snowshoes are also an option. If the snow is not deep, we will hike wearing YakTrax if needed. Call 759-6442 or 652-6190 (445-3179 the day of the hike) if the weather is questionable. Rain will cancel the event.

Saturday, Feb 25 10am 3-4 mi 2B
Franklin Gulf County Park - Hike or Snowshoe
MEET: at the parking lot on Larkin Road at the border of Eden and North Collins. Directions: Take the Thruway to Exit 57. Turn left onto Camp Road. Turn right onto Route 62. In about 6 miles turn left onto Sandrock Road. In about 1.7 miles turn left onto Larkin Road. The parking lot will be on the right. Call 646-5034

Sunday, Feb 26 10:30am 5 mi 2B
Eighteen Mile Creek - Hike or Snowshoe
MEET: at the Tops in Hamburg, 6150 South Park Avenue (past the Erie County Fairgrounds), in the northwest corner of the lot. It is near the police station. We will drive to the parking lot on South Creek Road. Call 839-3114

Saturday, Mar 4 10am 2B
Sprague Brook Park - Hike (6 mi) or Snowshoe (4 mi)
MEET: in cross country ski area parking lot, second entrance to park on 9674 Foote Road, Glenwood, off Route 240, past Kissing Bridge. There is a nice warming hut with tables and benches to eat your lunch afterwards. Call 646-5034

Sunday, Mar 5 10:30am 3-6 mi 2B
Conservation Trail - Broadway (Access 3) to Mammot Road (Access 2) - Map CT8
MEET: in the Darien Lake State Park parking lot on Route 20 (Broadway) between Harlow and Warner Roads. If a snowshoe, approximately 3-4 miles. If a hike, about 5-6 miles. This is the location of the new bridge put in by Dave Potzler and his crew in October. Bring snowshoes and spikes. This will be an in-and-out. Call 866-1233

Saturday, Mar 11 10am 8.7 mi 2B
Colden - Glenwood Boston Hills Road Walk
MEET: 8796 NY-240, Colden, NY 14033 public parking adjacent to the Harmony Market
(42.644075,-78.685042), intersection of Route 240 (State Road) and Boston-Colden Road.
This will be a loop hike on country roads exploring the hills near Kissing Bridge. There will be two 400' hills to traverse as we move in and out of the valley of the West Branch Cazenovia Creek. Wear shoes comfortable for walking on pavement. Please join us for a beverage / lunch at the Harmony Market afterwards. Call 716-689-4177

Sunday, Mar 12 11am 7 mi 2B
Niagara Falls
MEET: in the Aquarium / Schoellkopf parking lot about ¼ mile north of the Rainbow Bridge off of the Robert Moses Parkway. A sidewalk / bike path walk. You will need your enhanced driver's license / passport because we will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge and walking to the Whirlpool. There is a snack bar / gift shop we will stop at near the Whirlpool. Bring snacks and water.
Call 435-9674

Saturday, Mar 18 10am 4 mi 2B
Beaver Meadow Audubon Center
MEET: in the parking lot at the road at 1610 Welch Road, North Java. It's Beaver Meadow's Maple Harvest Festival. Enjoy all-you-can-eat pancakes. Call 1-585-457-9892

Sunday, Mar 19 10:30am 5 mi 2A
Lancaster Heritage Trail
MEET: at the end of Walter Winter Drive parking lot. Take Central Avenue to Erie Street to Walter Winter Drive (by Avox). Call 866-1233

Saturday, Mar 25 10am 6 mi 2A
The Olmstead Parks - Cazenovia & South Park
MEET: at St. John Evangelist Church parking lot at Seneca Street and Warren Spahn Way. We will walk through Caz Park, follow the parkways (Red Jacket and McKinley) to the Botanical Gardens, around South Park Lake and then back to Caz. Call 675-3989

Sunday, Mar 26 9:30am 7 mi 2A
Zoo to Erie Basin Marina
MEET: at the entrance to zoo parking lot. We will walk to the Marina and take the Metro Rail back. Bring $2 for the train. Call 823-8156

Monday, Mar 27 6:30pm
Foothills Trail Club Board Meeting
The meeting is held at the Julia Reinstein Library on Losson Road (between Borden and Union Roads). Please consider joining us. We always enjoy having members in attendance. If you do attend, please don't hesitate to ask questions and "speak up" about the topics being discussed. We are very interested in your input. Call 759-6442

Tuesday, Mar 28 10am 4 mi 1A
Lancaster Heritage Trail Saunter
MEET: at the end of Walter Winter Drive parking lot. Take Central Avenue to Erie Street to Walter Winter Drive (by Avox). Questions, call 651-9877

Saturday, Apr 1 10am 4 mi 2B
Tifft Nature Preserve
MEET: in the parking lot. Bring water. If it's raining, no hike. Call 852-3090 to confirm.

Sunday, Apr 2 10am +/- 3 mi 1A
Walton Woods
MEET: in the parking lot nearest the entrance to Walton Woods, just past the Amherst Senior Center lot. Do not park in the Meals on Wheels lot. Call 548-8039

Tuesday, Apr 4 10am 4 mi 1A
Como Lake Park Saunter
MEET: at the first shelter upon entrance from Bowen Road. Questions, call 651-9877

Saturday, Apr 8 10am 4 mi 1A
Ellicott Creek Park
MEET: in large parking area in park off of Niagara Falls Blvd. (across from Paul's Jewelers).
Call 691-6750

Sunday, Apr 9 9:30am 10 mi 2B
Allegany State Park
MEET: at the McDonald's in Salamanca. Call 585-365-5807 if you plan on attending. No calls, no hike!

Tuesday, Apr 11 10am 4 mi 2B
Knox Farm State Park Saunter
MEET: at the parking lot off Route 16 (Seneca Street) near Bowen Road. Call 651-9877

Saturday, Apr 15 10am 3 mi 1A
Billy Wilson Park
MEET: in Dash's plaza parking lot, Hopkins Road side near Klein Road.
Call 691-6750

Sunday, Apr 16 - Easter

Tuesday, Apr 18 10am 3-4 mi 2B
Chestnut Ridge Park Saunter
MEET: in the parking lot by the big casino. Questions, call 651-9877

Saturday, Apr 22 9:30am
Trail Supporters Party
MEET: at the Holland Community Center. Take Route 16 to the traffic light in Holland. Turn left onto Vermont Street and then turn left onto Canada Street. Finally, turn left onto Legion Drive.
Lunch will be provided followed by a hike. Everyone is invited.

Sunday, Apr 23 1:30pm 3 mi 2B
Akron Falls County Park
MEET: at Cummings Lodge. Call 439-0062

Tuesday, Apr 25 10am 3-4 mi 1A
Joe Panza Nature Trail (Alden) Saunter
MEET: in the parking lot in front of Tops, Route 20, Alden. Questions, call 651-9877

Saturday, Apr 29 9:30am 6 mi 2B
Chestnut Ridge Park
MEET: at the Eternal Flame parking lot on Route 277 (one mile past the entrance to the park on
the right). It has white fencing like a horse corral. We will NOT go to the Eternal Flame. In and out, no car spotting. Please bring hiking poles. We will be crossing the creek a few times.
Call 572-8497

Sunday, Apr 30 8:30am 4-5 mi 2B
Emery Park
MEET: at the field house. Winding, climbing trail hike if conditions allow. If it's too wet, we'll adjust our route. Snack / light lunch in the field house post-hike. If it's raining, no hike.
Call 207-3726


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